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Terms & Conditions


The online platform www.degustacijos.eu works only with reliable partners and provides quality services. Please get acquainted with the rules of purchase and use of services:

The purpose of these sale/purchase rules (hereinafter – the Rules) is to regulate provision of services by VšĮ ETVOS, legal entity code: 303349565, registration address: Vilnius district, Avižienių village, 14L Sudervės St., LT-14192 (hereinafter – the Service Provider) in its online trade store – www.degustacijos.eu (hereinafter – the Online Store); and to ensure the compliance with and implementation of the laws and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania establishing the protection of consumer rights.

As the Service Provider sells services or sets of services provided by other persons (hereinafter the Service Providers), the Service Provider shall not determine the terms of the services provided by the Service Providers, the time of provision of the services, and any other  criteria describing these services. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for the quality and content of, and shall not provide any guarantees on such services. However, in all cases at its own discretion, the Service Provider may mediate in resolving a dispute or disagreement that arises between the Service Provider and the Customer regarding the provision of the purchased service.

The Service Provider emphasizes that it shall not be responsible and have the right to determine the conditions for the provision of the services, the right to use of which is granted by the sets of or individual services distributed by the Service Provider. The Service Provider shall also not be responsible for the completeness and comprehensibility of the terms of services provision. Service Providers providing the services shall determine the terms of services provision and, at their own discretion, communicate them to the Service Provider. If certain information is not provided, it can be obtained by contacting the relevant Service Provider at the specified contacts.

The Service Provider, although they are not provided for in these Rules, has the right to establish additional or other conditions for the provision of Services by publicly informing about them in the online store or in another way chosen by the Service Provider.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any disruptions in the provision of the Services and/or damage caused to the Customer and third parties if they do not evolve through the fault of the Service Provider.

The Purchased Services shall be used by the Customer who have legal (age or other) and in certain cases technical possibilities (Internet, telephone, etc.) to conclude such transactions, i. e. the Customer with full or limited (incomplete) capacity, but able to enter into such transactions.

Rights and obligations of the Service Provider:

The Service Provider shall provide services in a proper and timely manner to all applying Customers who comply with the requirements of these Rules.

The Service Provider shall properly communicate and cooperate with all applicants.

The Service Provider has the right to refuse to provide services in the cases provided for by legal acts and in these Rules.

The Service Provider also has other rights and obligations set forth in the laws and these Rules and shall exercise them without any restriction.

Rights and obligations of the Customer:

To pay the Service Provider duly and in a timely manner for the services provided;

The Customer shall not violate and shall comply with these Rules, other publicly published terms and conditions, lawful instructions of the Service Provider, and the requirements of the existing legislation;

The Customer shall be responsible for accuracy, completeness, and truthfulness of the data provided to the Service Provider and assume all related consequences for non-compliance with these requirements;

Shall the Customers not comply with these Rules, the Service Provider has the right to use one or more of the means provided for in these rules or legal acts of his choice without separate notice:

To refuse to provide services;

To cancel the provision of services purchased by the Customer;

To contact law enforcement or other competent authorities and provide them with the Customer’s details and other relevant information;

To suspend for an indefinite time or revoke the right of the Customer to access the Online Store;

To take any other legal action.

The Service Provider shall not indemnify any direct and/or indirect losses incurred by the Customer and/or related Customers who have violated the requirements of the Rules or legal acts due to the Customer’s acts (omissions) in the cases provided for in these Rules.

The Customer shall submit his claims/requirements regarding the services provided by the Service Provider or the purchased products directly to the Service Provider:

By the email: info@degustacijos.eu

By registered mail sent to: Sudervės g. 14L, Avižienių k., LT-14192, Vilniaus r.

Or, if the Customer is not satisfied with the final response of the VšĮ ETVOS regarding the extrajudicial settlement of consumer disputes, he/she shall apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority.

All disputes with the Service Provider shall be settled by negotiation. If peaceful negotiations fail to resolve a dispute, it shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and only in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania, regardless of possible contradictions of the provisions of the applicable laws.